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About Us

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How We Can Help You

Most people in our program come to us to lose weight (specifically body fat), build lean muscle, and increase their performance (cardio, strength, flexibility, mobility, etc.). In our program, you will find a huge 1st Responder Community of nurses, doctors, firefighters, law enforcement, EMTs, military members, and even moms and dads, working towards getting in the best shape of their lives!

We accomplish this by taking you through our 4-Phase Hero Transformation Program: This is where we focus on having you lose body fat, gain lean muscle, increase your metabolism, and teach you how to keep your results forever! Don't worry, everything is customized to you, so this is no cookie-cutter program!

Many of the clients we coach work long shifts and have very busy schedules (family, work, events, etc.), making it challenging to see the results they want and stay consistent without expert guidance and advice. This is why we provide our clients with maximal support, accountability, and guidance. We will teach you how to get in the best shape of your life even If you have 20, 30 or 50+ lbs to lose...WITHOUT sacrificing your work, family, or social life!

Meet The Coaches

Stefan Kunz

Founder & CEO

Stefan has dedicated the last 13+ years of his life to perfecting his craft as a coach and business owner. Here are some of fields that Stefan has worked in within the fitness industry:

Bryce Redaja

Lifestyle Coach
Bryce started his career as a trainer while still in college, where he also played baseball for Maryville College. He has been coaching both online and in-person for over 5+ years. He is responsible for over 100+ Pursuit Transformations.

Mike DeNora

tactical Performance Coach

Michael has been in personal and group training for 12 years. He is also a former professional fighter and gymnast that believes in being extremely well-rounded regardless of your specialty.

Riley olsen

Holistic health Coach

Riley is passionate about holistic training, the subconscious mind, and gut health. Riley specializes in mindset, setting habits, fat loss or muscle gain, and overall health. She will educate, empower, and set you up for long-term success with specialized programs that align with your goals and lifestyle. Coach Riley will help you become a happy, healthy, and confident better version of yourself.

Ryne Glazier

Sports performance coach

Ryne has been a strength and conditioning coach for 8 years. He is a former collegiate athlete with an extensive history working within the sports industry. Ryne believes that movement is medicine and is committed to providing individuals with the knowledge to prevent injury in order to perform optimally through various periodization models.